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CEN/BII 3 Workshop Kick-Off

Enric Staromiejski (everis-Brussels)

Aiming at taking advantage of its experience in e-Procurement, everis was recently invited to join the newly formed CEN/BII 3 Workshops. everis, in turn, has proposed to host the first face-to-face workshop meetings in Barcelona.

Thus, sponsored by everis, these meetings will be held at the IESE’s premises from March the 18th till the 22nd.  The new CEN/BII-3 Workshops will cover new requirements refining the works initiated by CEN WS/BII and CEN WS/BII 2 to support interoperable e-Procurement and e-Business.

After successfully completing its phase 2, with the submission of its BII2 deliverables (5 CWAs) at the end of 2012, the Workshop decided at the final meeting, on December 5 2012, to continue its work by initiating a phase 3.

CEN/BII-3 Workshop face-to-face meetings will be held at the IESE’s premises in Barcelona next March from the 18th till the 21st.The formal kick-off meeting of BII phase 3 (BII3) will take place on Thursday the 21st, (back-to-back with the ECPP – European Conference on e-Public Procurement and Exhibition of European e-Platforms, organized on March the 20th).

At the BII3 kick-off meeting, the draft Business Plan will be discussed and approved.

Workshop Objective

CEN/BII WorkshopsThe CEN WS/BII 3 workshop will continue the work initiated by CEN WS/BII, and further refined under CEN WS/BII 2, to support interoperable electronic procurement and business (eProcurement and e-Business) solutions.
In order to achieve this, CEN WS/BII 3 has the objective to provide increased value to the CEN WS/BII user community, by:

  • Providing a focal point for governance and life-cycle management of the CEN WS/BII deliverables;
  • Filling the gaps to ensure that all relevant aspects of eProcurement are covered;
  • Encouraging increased adoption both in public and private eProcurement through capacity building.

More details on the objectives and scope of the CEN/BII Workshops can be found at: