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CEN WS/BII 3 Kick-Off meetings in Barcelona
First face-to-face meetings of the CEN BII 3 Workshop. Barcelona 18th -22st March, 2013.

Welcome to the first face-to-face CEN WS/BII-3 Workshop.

First of all, take a moment to register your attendance to the Workshop.

In this occasion, the Workshop will be hosted by everis in the city of Barcelona. The working meetings will be held at the IESE’s premises, a very nice and friendly place to work. Please refer to the Venue section below for all details on the meeting premises, facilities, and other related information.

Refer also to the attached programme were detailed information on the schedule and meeting rooms are provided.

You will notice that on the 20th a “free/non-working” day is scheduled so you could attend the European Conference on e-Public Procurement and Exhibition of European e-Platforms organized by the OPET in Barcelona. A representative of CEN/BII will pronounce a Keynote in this Conference.

For those who would also like enjoying the extremely rich cultural and leisure offer of Barcelona and other near towns you will find interesting proposals on the Venue section, below.

We wish all of you a productive and enjoyable Workshop in Barcelona:

Jostein Fromyr




Carrer Arnús i de Garí, 08034 Barcelona, Spain (Institut d'Estudis Superiors d'Empresa)